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Reishi 100g

Boosts your Immune System


Reishi mushroom 100% (Ganoderma lucidum) from organic farming.
Known as the “mushroom of immortality” or ” the medicine of kings”, it was acclaimed in ancient Eastern medicine for stimulating the immune system, fighting cancer processes, preventing heart disease, calming anxiety, relieving allergies and inflammation, among other properties.
100g of product.
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Reishi is considered one of the great jewels of mycotherapy and in the East, China and Japan it is known as the “King of mushrooms.” Formerly, in China, its use was only reserved for the emperors to help them reverse age problems as they were gettig older. It has always been part of traditional Chinese medicine as the “mushroom of immortality.”
It is known as the mushroom of eternal youth that has the hability to fight against free radicals that generate oxidative stress and aging, thanks to its bioactive antioxidant compounds.
• Boosts the immune system and stimulates liver function.
• Increases energy and helps to recover during convalecence periods.
• This medicinal mushroom helps with insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression.
• Relieves cardiovascular problems. And according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reishi enhances the “Jing-Qi” (ancestral energy), removing energy blockages that cause arthritis, lung problems such as bronchitis, asthma and heart disease.
• Contains polysaccharides (beta glucans) and peptidoglycans, which help balance the immune system and protect the heart.
• It also contains Terpenes (ganodermic acids) that have significant antihistaminic activity, and sterols that are anti-inflammatory and antitumor.
• It has minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, potassium, calcium and germanium, and vitamins such as folic acid, and 17 amino acids of which 8 are essential.
• It has adenosine and guanine, substances with antiagregant, muscle relaxing and sedative effect on the CNS (central nervous system).


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