Our Costumers Opinion

I use the purify and it is wonderful, I also helped a lot pHour salts.

Barbara Cavazzini

As soon as I start, you can immediately notice changes in energy, vitality, mood, strength, desire, defenses… the point is to learn, incorporate food, change habits, try to do things in the best possible way and see the results that so many thousands of people have seen and testify.

Jose Luis

The alkaline diet for me is “synonymous” with health, I usually use PURIPHY drops to alkalize water and Phour salts mineral salts to remineralize the body. The truth is that I am very happy since I do a lot of sport and with that routine I find myself perfectly.

Antonio Solanas Isac

I feel more energized and joyful when taking the pHour Salts

I have been drinking Phour Salts for years in the morning and sometimes after a copious meal (sporadically). I love them because they give me energy and I feel that they balance my body✨

A much more alkaline diet has been a change that has transcended food. I think it’s even something that has been part of my personal and spiritual growth. To feel more alive, clean and connected to the energy of what Mother Earth offers us.


Years ago I started an alkaline diet and the truth is that apart from losing volume I have noticed a very significant increase in energy. In addition, at the digestive level, the advantages have been even greater. I have used several of your products and my favorites are chlorophyll and PHOUR SALTS

Amanda Ballem

Since taking the alkaline supplements I have noticed an increase in energy and vitality! I am very happy


I have been consuming Alkaline Care supplements for years. I am a #1 fan of liquid chlorophyll which is like injecting chlorophyll into your veins, a wonder of nature that works wonders inside our body.

Zuriune Zelan

I do not do a strictly alkaline diet, but if I eat quite healthy and what I have incorporated a lot are the pHour Salts and the Puriphy for the sport, and the truth is that, when I have done some endurance test, I have surprised even myself. The PuripHy drops are only made in the coffee and water that I take to the gym, but when I have had some coffee outside the house then I have been with acidity all afternoon.


The benefit has been 101%, I feel more energetic and with vitality, it shows EVEN ON THE SKIN!! 💚it has helped me to maintain my body weight, and I notice that it improved a lot to at least 50%, my sports performance, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU


Puriphy for infusions with cold water, goes great. Chlorophyll is also added to drinking water from time to time and phour salts are essential when traveling. Thank you Alkalinecare.

Elena Torrents