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100% powder maca root (Lepidium Meyenii) from organic farming.

May contain traces of shelled nuts.

Cultivated in the highlands of the Andes in Peru, this root was consumed by the ancient warriors of the Inca Empire to enhance their strength. It was also recognized as a powerful aphrodisiac.

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Origin: Peru

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It is said that when the Spanish expeditions arrived in America, the animals they brought with them couldn’t reproduce themselves at such extreme heights. With the instructions of the natives of the place, they included maca in their diet, making them procreate normally. It is said that in those cosmic regions neither sterility nor impotence is known.

Its flavor is not too sweet, slightly reminds of the sweetness of cinnamon or nutmeg, being described as “malted” or similar to toasted oatmeal. One has to try it to know the taste.



It is considered a real panacea for women of all ages as it helps balance female hormones and mood during menopause and other stages of women’s life.

Improves spermatogenesis and sexual desire in men.

It stimulates libido both in men and women, which is why it´s considered the “natural viagra”, an aphrodisiac of Nature.

It provides energy, making it ideal for athletes and people who feel fatigued. It also helps fight against anxiety and depression.

It is very rich in essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, bismuth, manganese, sulfur, sodium, copper, selenium, iodine, silicon, iron and tin.

It provides vitamins such as B1 and B2, vitamin C and vitamin E, making it a powerful antioxidant, very energetic and revitalizing.

It has a high natural fiber content and is a natural source of protein that contributes to increase and preserve muscle mass, and maintain healthy bones.


Nutritional information:

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