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Revitalizing Oil 60ml

Makes tissues more flexible and elastic


Natural oil-essence composed of vegetable and essential oils with great antioxidant and rejuvenating power. Hyper hydration without a greasy feeling. Its high concentration in essential unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9), vitamins E and C, carotenes and tannins, make it hyper-hydrating, nutritious, toning and intensive antioxidant, providing protection and resistance.

Regulates and balances dry and oily skin. Being for all skin types, it highlights its marked rejuvenating effect on skin with signs of premature aging, sensitive, dry, peeling, dehydrated, rough, stained, wrinkled and lacking elasticity.

Dulkamara Bamboo Revitalizing Oil 60ml is a unique, healthy and brilliant vegetable oil, infused with aromatic plants, buds and natural essential oils, with great antioxidant and rejuvenating power.

Very rich in essential fatty acids (omegas), it hydrates, deeply nourishes and tones the skin, bringing out a clear beautification of the epidermis.

It makes tissues more flexible and elastic, achieving exceptional anti-wrinkle and anti-stretch mark actions, which makes it highly recommended from the beginning of pregnancy.

Ingredients Revitalizing Oil 60ml:

The natural action of its ingredients gives “life” to this product for universal use, facial and body:

Wheat Germ Oil: very rich in vitamin E, antioxidant and moisturizing fatty acids.
Macerated Rose Oil: softening and rejuvenating.
Centella Asiatica: stimulating effect on the synthesis of collagen in connective tissue (tightness and elasticity).

Without saturated oils or fats of animal or mineral origin (not related to “human sebum”), this oil allows the skin to breathe freely and carries its aromatic components to its interior.

Surprise yourself with its deep, floral aroma, its rich, oily and easily absorbed texture and with your elastic, soft and glowing skin.


– For all skin types, even those with a tendency to oil, helping to regulate sebaceous glands.
– Very dry, dehydrated, peeling, rough and lacking elasticity skin.
– Sensitive and with a history of allergies to cosmetics.
– Spots due to premature aging of the skin, wrinkles (even around the eyes and lips).
– Minimize and prevent the appearance of stretch marks (pregnancy, weight loss diets,…).
– Very effective for breast care, also mixed with Phyto-body emulsion.
– Effective support in cases of dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Dermoesthetic actions:

– Oleo Nutritious Serum, deeply hydrates while providing protection and resistance to the entire skin.
– Antioxidant action combating premature skin aging.
– Stimulates collagen synthesis, reducing wrinkles and recovering damaged tissue.

Helianthus annuus seed oil · Rosa centifolia flower extract · Centella asiatica extract · Triticum vulgare germ oil · Parfum · Linalool* · Benzyl benzoate* · Geraniol* · Farnesol** of its natural essential oils.

– Always shake before use.
– Apply in the morning with a cotton pad, 10 pumps and with gentle spiral movements or light touches without pressing or rubbing.
– On skin with dryness and/or irritation, also apply at night.
– Spray at any time of the day, when your skin feels tense, tired, when experiencing changes in temperature, after long days of work at the computer or under artificial light, heat or pollution.
– On a cotton pad soaked with product, to relieve swelling of the eyelids. Let it sit on them, for about 10 minutes.
– After daily grooming of babies, apply it directly, with your hands or spray.

– For the eye area: mix the Oil with the Virgin Bamboo Milk to enhance its balsamic, flexible and rejuvenating action (highly recommended on cold mornings).
– For sagging areas: mix the Oil with the Firming Emulsion. You will get a unique action.
– For stretch marks: mix the Oil with Phyto-Body Emulsion to achieve a great anti-stretch mark result.
– For oily skin: mix the Oil with a few drops of Bamboo Saps when applying it to the skin.
– In case of pregnancy, from the beginning, we will apply the Revitalizing Oil on the belly, breasts and hips. We will improve its effect by alternating its application with the Body Phyto-Emulsion or with the mixture of both products.

The Revitalizing Oil can be mixed with any of the dulkamara bamboo emulsions and reinforces and enhances the action of all of them, in addition to facilitating application and massage. This practice is highly recommended, especially for very dry skin.



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